Physical life
The universe didn't 'just happen.' There is ample evidence that it is the result of divine intelligence and power.
Creation Order (Genesis 1:3 - 2:3)
Bible and science agree on this sequence
DAY 1 - Light (fiery explosion, universe still blazing and expanding, sun gives light)
DAY 2 - Atmosphere (gases cool, water condenses into clouds and oceans, and breathable air between)
DAY 3 - Land and vegetation (cooling earth causes crust and shifting tectonic plates, land rises above the oceans, vegetation starts the food chain)
DAY 4 - Sun, moon and stars become visible (orbits stabilize, no longer perpetual cloud cover)
DAY 5 - Sea creatures and birds (in that oder)
DAY 6 - Animals and humans (in that order, humans to rule the earth)
DAY 7 - Pause in new creations (while procreation continues)

The Bible says God formed the earth in six distinct stages

The first chapter in the Bible – Genesis 1 – tells the order in which God formed the earth and populated it with life after the Big Bang (Origin 1.1).

The Bible's creation order, summarized above, is the same sequence as revealed in scientific tests by cosmologists, geologists, biologists and archaeologists.

It's highly unlikely that any writer three thousand years ago could know this exact sequence without divine revelation from the designer/creator.

Why 'day' means 'age'

In Genesis 1, the word translated 'day' is the word 'yom' in the Hebrew language in which it was originally written.

Just as in English, yom can mean either a 24-hour period or a long indefinite period (as, this is the day of the computer), depending on the context.

See 1.1a below for REASONS from the Bible why yom (day), in context, means an indefinite long period of time.

God says to increase after own kind

Seventh day, procreation. Even smallest creature on earth changing. Have sequences genome and use for CRISPR. Amazing new field

Now many cross-check methods for determining age

From many different kinds of tests and calculations, scientists conclude that the Big Bang was 13.8 billion years ago ... that cooled and formed 4.2 billion years ago ... that first life ... that first humanoid ...

The Bible does not give timing details, only the order. Timing interesting, but not important. Only important that GOD DID IT, with purpose and plan.

Obviously, dating more difficult further out.

See 1.2b for the many testing methods. Not a guessing game any more. Possible because of computer. Virtually all tests pointing to same ages.

God working over long periods of time.

Evolution only within categories; humans not from apes

Otherwise world full of odd creatures ... crawling tree, flying cow, etc.

How know? Bible and common-sense observation

School text books often use a drawing to teach that humans evolved from apes or common animal ancestor. The drawing shows a series of eight or more creatures with changing physical characteristics, starting with an ape on one end and a man on the other, and part-ape and part-man creatures morphing in-between. Christians think this is an offense to God.

Reproduce and multiply.

REASONS why Christians don't believe humans are evolved top-level animals:

  • The Bible says that humans are a special creation, made in the image of God.
  • There are no in-between creatures like shown in the drawing – in real life, the creature is either all ape or all man, and a huge gulf between.
  • The most distinguishing human qualities are not evolutionary, as laughter, music and mathematics.
  • Unlike humans, animals have no built-in sense of right and wrong and no conscience; for example, it's not wrong for them to kill each other.
  • There is no evidence that animals of any kind have ever had any awareness of God or any kind of worship, but the transcendent has alway been paramount in humans.

Order of appearance impossible to know without divine revelation

It is highly unlikely that the writer could have known all these stages and put them all in exact order without divine knowledge. virtually impossible probabilities


Bible not a scientific book so says no more than necessary to let us know ...

If it had said earth started from a explosion of small amount of matter, is round, revolves around the sun, etc., people for centuries would have completely dismissed the Bible as false.

Detail not important. Important thing: GOD DID IT!

Doesn't matter if short time or long time.

Big bang resolves many old objections and conflicts

The Bible said void, science said solid state.

For over three thousand years, the Bible was ridiculed because God said 'Let there be light' on the first day but it was not until the fourth day that God said:

We would expect ancient people to say that life started on land and then moved to the sea and sky, but in this account they got it right that creature life started from in the sea, then sky and finally land.

If design, must be a designer

It follows logically that if there is intelligent design in the world, there must be a DESIGNER.

And since we observe and experience reality of the design, it follows that there must be a CREATOR who implemented the design into actual existence.

Principle: Interpret for plain meaning and consistency

When multiple choices ...

Big bang and old earth overcome labels of ignorant and anti-science. Change as get new information.

Long ae do not take away from God. In fact, makes him more majestic.

Many Christians not thinking big enough, limiting God. Everything bigger than we thought.

God would not try to confuse us. Use literal meaning unless absolutely clear otherwise.

Many Christians resist the idea of big bang and old earth

This is because

Flat earth, not around sun ...

Now understand that doesn't at ll affect Christology, what Christianity is all about. Doesn't matter how or when earth created. God did it!

Newer and stronger evidence.

By resisting, people think Bible wrong about creation, and if wrong about that, probably wrong about other matters, too. A matter of credibility, not essential theology.

Humans have abilities that are not evolutionary

Laugh, mathematics, etc.

God has paused new creations; now in the seventh day

Bible says God rested on seventh day. Doesn't imply got tired, just stopped working (creating).

Now not original creations, but processions from the original.

Only day that does not have evening.

Moved into spiritual realm.

Bible was right again
Just as modern science now acknowledges that the Bible was right all along about the beginning of the universe in the big bang [1.1], science also now agrees that the Bible is correct in listing the exact order of first appearance, a counter-intuitive sequence that would be impossible for anyone to know three thousand years ago without divine revelation from the designer/creator.
Scientific verification of the exact sequence increases confidence in the Bible and provides another REASON for Christian faith.
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