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Age testing methods
Here are FIVE REASONS why the word day in Genesis 1 should be understood to mean age (an indefinite period of time, longer than 24 hours).
Amino acid dating
Archaeomagnetic dating
Argon–argon dating
Uranium–lead dating
Samarium–neodymium dating
K–Ar dating
Rubidium–strontium dating
Uranium–thorium dating
Radiocarbon dating
Fission track dating
Optically stimulated luminescence
Luminescence dating
Thermoluminescence dating
Lead–lead dating
Oxidizable carbon ratio dating
Rehydroxylation dating
Wiggle matching
Thermoluminescence dating

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From many different kinds of tests and calculations, scientists conclude that the Big Bang was 13.8 billion years ago ... that cooled and formed 4.2 billion years ago ... that first life ... that first humanoid ...

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Not a guessing game any more. Possible because of computer. Virtually all tests pointing to same ages.

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