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Logical Proof of God
In all times and places, most people seem to have built-in knowledge of the designer-creator God.

But some people, whether sincere or for argument, say it's impossible to prove that God even exists.

Actually, IT IS POSSIBLE to prove the existence of God by logic and science in the same way we prove the existence of any entity, as summarized below.

However, powerful life-changing proof is not through formulas or teaching but through actual experience – a personal relationship with the living God – as explained in the Bible.


First we apply a law of logic known as the law of the excluded middle, which states that a thing either IS or IS NOT:

  • If there were a time when nothing existed, then nothing would exist today. Something and nothing are mutually exclusive. Something cannot come out of nothing because nothing is always nothing.
  • Since something now exists, it follows that something existed before nothing and is independent of nothing.


Again, applying the law of the excluded middle, we ask if the something is material (matter) or non-material (spirit) in nature:

  • The universe began at a moment of time with a colossal jolt of energy (big bang).
  • First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; the total quantity of energy in the universe is always constant.
  • Second Law of Thermodynamics: As energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted (unusable) and it gradually degrades into entropy (disorder). One universe giving birth to another universe cannot avoid the law because each cycle has less usable energy than the previous cycle.
  • Thus, the something is non-material (spirit), otherwise it would not exist because through eons of time it would have exhausted all usable energy.


EVEN IF all the atoms and sub-atomic particles in the universe came into existence by themselves from nothing, what is the probability that these random particles could arrange themselves in place, and hold themselves in place, to form our fine-tuned universe without any guiding intelligence?

  • Theoretically, there's a formula for calculating this probability, but the numbers are so incredibly large that the probability becomes nil.
  • If the probability of all the atoms and sub-atomic particles in the universe forming and maintaining our fine-tuned universe without intelligence is nil, then the something is intelligent.


Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is universally accepted as true.

  • The theory states that time is linked to matter and space and that time itself began concurrently with matter and space.
  • Since the something existed before both matter and time, it follows that the something is timeless.


By logical reasoning, the universe requires a something (cause) because the universe exists and had a beginning, and the something is a SPIRIT that is INTELLIGENT and TIMELESS – the definition of God.

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